Meaningful Father's Day Flowers: Symbolism and Significance

Explore the symbolism and significance behind Father's Day flowers, and discover meaningful ways to express appreciation. Delve into our guide for heartfelt floral choices and memorable gestures.

  • Father's Day Flowers

Each year on Father's Day, children seek the perfect gift to convey their appreciation for the paternal figures in their lives. While many embrace traditional options like ties or tools, flowers can also serve as a thoughtful way to honor fathers. However, most floral arrangements are often designed more suitably for Father's Day. This leaves many wondering - what type of flowers in East Lansing to buy would authentically resonate with the presumably masculine sensibilities of fathers?


Roses are a popular floral choice but some dads may think roses are too feminine. However, there is one type of rose that has symbolic meaning relating to fatherhood - the dark crimson rose. The dark crimson rose symbolizes respect, honor, courage, and bravery. These are qualities that many fathers embody in their role as a protector and provider for their family. A bouquet of dark crimson roses would be a thoughtful way to acknowledge the respected role of the father.


Forget-me-nots are sometimes overlooked as a potential Father's Day flower. However, do you know they do have significance as symbols of remembrance and undying love? The name itself speaks to not forgetting or being forgotten by loved ones. A bouquet of forget-me-nots from a local florist in Lansing MI could be a meaningful way for children to express that they will always remember and cherish their father, as well as express undying love for him. You need to trust that while small and delicate, these outstanding flowers carry powerful symbolic meanings that would resonate well for Father's Day.


Orchids are tropical flowers that many dads find very nice to receive. Orchids have Father's Day flower meanings such as masculinity, fertility, vigor, and strength which connect well to traditional fatherly attributes. Specifically, Phalaenopsis orchids which have full, showy white blooms with a touch of color are considered quite masculine compared to other flower varieties. A stately Phalaenopsis orchid plant would look nice on a father's desk or bookshelf to serve as an attractive daily reminder of his significance.

Gerbera daisies

Gerbera daisies are a good alternative flower for Father's Day that still feels hearty and robust like more traditional masculine flowers. Available in eye-catching shades ranging from solid bright colors to two-toned blooms, gerbera daisies symbolize cheerfulness, innocence, and beauty. Gerbera daisies could be an uplifting way to bring a vibrant burst of color into a Father's Day while still expressing care, appreciation, and admiration through their symbolic meaning.


Sunflowers have taken on new masculine popularity and meaning in recent years. As tall robust plants, sunflowers represent adoration, loyalty, and longevity. Their bright cheerful faces seem to follow the sun's path each day, much like a father's guiding presence in the lives of his family. A bunch of sunflowers would be the best flowers for Father's Day that lets Dad know he brightly lights up his family's lives like the sun. The sunny vibrancy sunflowers bring is sure to brighten anyone's day.


Lilies are classic symbols of virtue, purity, and devotion, attributes that traditional fatherhood upholds. Specifically, the sturdy orange or yellow Asiatic lily varieties have prominent outward-facing lush blooms as opposed to more delicate inward-curved lily varieties. An orange or yellow Asiatic lily plant has a very vibrant sunny color scheme to bring a bold pop of color where it stands. The symbolic meaning of virtue, purity and lifelong devotion a lily represents could not be a more perfect sentiment to express for Father's Day. Dad is sure to enjoy these bright attractive flowers from a local Lansing florist for many years to come.

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