Flowers and Plants Perfect for Decorating and Gifting at Christmas

While flowers and plants are gifted and used for decorating for many occasions throughout the year, Christmas seems to be a time when flora truly comes into its own. As the holiday season approaches, homes and places of business fill with festive greenery, blooms, and scented sprigs that complement the festivities.

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But which varieties stand out as excellent options for this time of year? Here are some types of Christmas flowers for decorating and gifting.

Christmas Poinsettias

It would be remiss of us not to begin with the traditional red flowers for Christmas - the poinsettia. With their bright red, pink, or white blooms radiating from green leaves, poinsettias simply scream "Christmas!" However, poinsettias also come in shades of yellow, orange, or multicolored for those seeking something a bit less expected. They thrive as potted plants that can be easily transported and rehomed after the holidays. Poinsettias also hold up well throughout the 12 days of Christmas. Whether as a table centerpiece, on a mantle or gifted alone in a pot, poinsettias have become synonymous with Christmas for good reason.

Christmas Cacti and Paperwhites

For plant lovers seeking something low-maintenance flowers in East Landing yet still festive, Christmas cacti and paperwhites are the best Christmas flowers. Both bloom at Christmas time without requiring much light or water. Their small white flowers offer subtle holiday charm. While less showy than poinsettias, Christmas cacti and paperwhites are at lower risk for recipients unsure of their green thumb. Their drought tolerance also means they’ll last through the entire Christmas season rather than quickly wilting. Both can be potted individually or arranged together in a glass vase to lift spirits throughout the home.

Holly, Pinecones, and Winterberries

For a natural woodland twist on Christmas flower decoration, holly, pinecones, and winterberries pair beautifully. Their deep greens, bright reds, and romantic shapes evoke cozy winter scenes. Clustered in glass vases or woven into wreaths or Christmas flower arrangements, these botanicals set a rustic, organic tone perfect for country kitchens or mantles above a crackling fire. Additionally, their waxy leaves hold up well for long-lasting seasonal accents. While less traditional than poinsettias, including nature's gems like holly adds a lovely earthy touch to offset sparkly tinsel and lights for a grounded Christmas aesthetic.

Orchids and Amaryllis

Orchids and amaryllis offer high-impact blooms for the discerning connoisseur. Both plants produce showstopping flowers seemingly out of season. Orchids come in various colors at your local florist in Lansing MI and can last months with proper care. Likewise, amaryllis forces vibrant red, white, or pink blooms atop tall stems during winter months. Either option grants a gift recipient an eye-catching centerpiece to brighten dark days. Additionally, potted orchids or amaryllis can remain on display through New Year and beyond to continue bringing beauty and light to indoor spaces long after Christmas cheer starts to fade.

Snapdragons, Cranesbill, and Lenten Roses

For those more minimalist or rustic in taste, subtler blooms like snapdragons, cranesbill geraniums, and lenten roses complement those aesthetics beautifully. Their petite bells, rounded buds, or single soft blooms provide low-key seasonal touches amongst greenery without overpowering surrounding decor. These delicate flowers allow more textured accents like burlap, wood, or twine to shine through. And, their compact forms make them ideal for smaller spaces or gift-giving via Lansing flower delivery where larger pompom blooms may not suit.

Whether traditional red poinsettias or more unexpected blooms, finding the right blend for your unique style is part art and part science. Local florists like Smith Floral & Greenhouses offer a wide array of pre-made arrangements and the design expertise to craft fully custom options as well. Order your Christmas flowers delivery!

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